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Naomi Law

The Mental Health Nutritionist
RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I’m not the Nutritionist for you if your goal is to optimize your nutrition to perform athletically at the olympic or even professional level.



Because that’s not my lived experience.


Yes, I have the education to provide the basic info an athlete would need, but that’s not good enough.


MY realm of expertise is Nutritional Counselling to Optimize Women’s Mental Health…

  • Overcome Anxiety & Depression

  • Practice self-care, self-accountability, & re-parenting to heal impacts of neglect & abuse (from self &/or others)

  • Identify the connections between Mental + Physical Health symptoms & how to reverse them

  • Understand, Reduce, Cope, & Release stress within your Mind+Body

  • Nurture your hormones & tap into the power of your menstrual cycle

  • Undo the damage of diet culture & find freedom + joy within food 

  • And how allllll of this is essential to optimize your physical health & skyrocket your confidence within your Body, Mind & Spirit!

 ⬆ THIS ⬆ is my lived experience 

I work with women who want all of this & are ready to actually achieve it!


Fun fact...

the olympic athletes that I actually have worked with

had goals to undo the conditioning & core beliefs that their body was only worthy of acceptance, food & rest, to the extent of how well it performed. 

Having them crush this goal was my version of a gold medal finish!

Holistic Nutrition

Ensuring that the body is nurtured not only through foods, but through physical movement as well.

Understand what physical symptoms are occurring within your body that are a result of mental stress & exhaustion.

Sometimes physical symptoms are the result of overlooked emotional or spiritual issues; exploring this is a key component to holistic health!

Your Mental Health is impacted by how you're feeling Physically, & vice versa, so you may also be struggling with:

  • Digestive Health: Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Disordered Eating, Digestive Disorders

  • Hormonal Health: PMS, Painful Periods, Low Libido, Infertility & Reproductive Health

  • Physical Pain: Fatigue, Muscle Pain, Migraines

  • Skin Health: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
    Or if your primary symptoms relate to your Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD...

    Experiencing any one of these symptoms means it's time to reach out for support!

Optimize the health of your complete self – Body, Mind & Spirit!

If your top priority is reducing Anxiety Symptoms...

This guide highlights the first steps to take & you can start to

notice improvements within 7 days!!

The Mental Health Nutritionist Naomi Law, RHN Nutrition Counselling Guelph Nutrtionist Online Nutritionist Women's Health Nutrition Anxiety Nutritionist
  • Are your Nutrition Counselling Services covered under Health Insurance Benefit Plans?
    This entirely depends on YOUR specific benefit plan. If you have coverage for a NUTRITIONIST (RHN), then YES, you will be able to submit for reimbursement from your health insurance. Please note, a Nutritionist (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) is different from a Dietician, and plans may cover one or the other, so it's best to confirm with your benefit plan.
  • Do you follow an intuitive eating or health at every size (HAES) approach?
    -Intuitive Eating: Yes, and in the true sense of intuitive eating: teaching clients to grow in comprehension of what their body is asking for, what their needs are, and how to honour those needs without shame. (ie what is hunger, what do their food cravings mean, what is fullness). My clients do not count, weigh, or measure their food or themselves in any way. -HAES: Absolutely! I take a symptomatic approach & holistically consider the whole person (body, mind, & soul) to understand why they are experiencing symptoms. I do not view weight itself as a key indicator of health, rather sudden weight fluctuations as a potential symptom to an underlying imbalance. This calls for a focus on the root cause to ease the symptom. Nor do I solely view lab results or functional tests as the definition of health, meaning if a client is within "normal" ranges, yet is still experiencing symptoms, we continue to explore, uncover & address the root cause of the symptoms.
  • Is there an option for clients to meet with you online and in-person?
    I have been 100% online based since 2018 and work with clients near and far, but for my local clients I am hopeful to offer an in-person space in the near future. For now, if a local client wanted to meet in person for a walk, or meet at a cafe, we make that happen!
  • Can plans be adjusted for clients whose life and meal schedules are inconsistent (ex: shift workers)?
    All of my protocols are specific to the individual and would accommodate all lifestyle factors. I'm also known as "the nutritionist that doesn't provide a meal plan" and instead I provide guidelines (non calorie based) as I empower clients to DIY their meal plans with foods they are actually going to eat, that fits their lifestyle, & also meets their nutritional needs. I also highlight what symptoms they may be experiencing as a result of their lifestyle factors and what slight modifications they can be making to ease symptoms when lifestyle factors are not currently adjustable.
  • Do I have to commit to a program, or can I just casually meet with you, like I do my Therapist?
    I'm all about meeting you where you are at! If you want to ease into Nutritional Counselling without committing to a protocol, & just focus on one thing at a time, we can absolutely do that! As long as there is room in my schedule, you can book as frequently, or as randomly as you like! (ps you would book a Q&A Nutritional Consult / Follow Up Session for this) >>

Guelph, Ontario is where I call home!

Offering In-Person Nutrition Counselling Sessions 
@ Niilo Wellness

21 College Avenue West, Lower Level,
Guelph Ontario N1G 1R7

Online Clinical Practice: Serving clients locally & across the globe

You can email me anytime

Plus, you're welcome to join me on any one of my socials ⬇ 

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