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Holistic Nutrition Programs

Here are the main ways women work with The Mental Health Nutritionist to reach their health goals...

Discovery Session
Individualized Holistic Nutrition Program

Over 3 months of Education, Accountability & Mentorship!

The Nurturing Confidence Method

Now Accepting Applications to Waitlist for Next Cohort Launch!

Q&A Sessions

If you're thinking of asking Google general nutrition questions but want expert advice instead, you can request a Q&A Session 

If you are uncertain as to which option is best for you...

Client in week 4 of Holistic Nutrition Program

...I'm changing how I view my body
- it's not all about size - I'm feeling fantastic & have so much Energy!!

Client Reflections after Holistic Nutrition Program

...Sleep has been one of the biggest changes that I have seen; I went from an insomniac with night terrors to now falling, & staying asleep peacefully!

Naturopathic Doctor, Guelph ON

Naomi is extremely successful in inspiring client compliance which makes my job as their Dr. so much easier....& they see results!!

What Others Are Saying...

About Me

Within the first few minutes of a Consult + Clarity Call,

we dive real deep, real fast!

So let me be vulnerable first, right here, right now…

Childhood Abuse, Inoperable Heart Condition, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression


Marrying the love of my life, Birth Trauma & Pregnancy Loss, raising kids, 3 under 3, while breaking generational trauma 


My life up to the very young age of 25.

My healing began when I started prioritizing MY needs, 

investing in myself (going back to College & seeking expert medical + psychotherapy support)

reversing my heart condition, processing trauma, and nurturing myself,

discovering my identity + purpose, beyond wife & mother,

& chasing after the big dreams I could finally see as a possible reality!

Now, in 2023,

I'm thriving in terms of my mental & physical health,

my marriage is the healthiest it’s ever been & our toddlers are suddenly teenagers!

I’ve proudly been pouring all of my expertise into my Mental Health Nutrition Practice for over 5 years, meaning hundreds of women across the globe are finally healing themselves and welcoming a healthy, joy filled future, regardless of what they've experienced in the past.

All of this to say, I’ve done the work for myself, I help others to do the same, & yes, I can help you too!

YOU can feel better!

And it’s my absolute pleasure to see that you do!

A graduate of the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and registered as an RHN through CSNNAA

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About Me
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