Holistic Nutrition Programs

Discovery Session

The purpose of the Discovery Session is to help you understand the imbalances your body is experiencing and provide you advice to get you going in the right direction. Let's explore potential root causes, empower you to make changes on your own, and if you feel as though you are ready for more support, after a Discovery Session you can jump into a program at a reduced rate!!

Immersion Program

Customized Holistic Health Program over a 6 Week period.
This program is designed to provide individualized teaching & accountability to understand how to nurture yourself - in body, mind & spirit - to address specific health concerns. 

The Nurturing Confidence Method

This is my Signature Program designed to empower ambitious women to be nurturing themselves well, with love & confidence, so they can break free from their anxiety - and all of the physical symptoms that go along with it!! Community Care is a critical component to this program offering you the assurance that you are most definitely, not alone in how you are feeling!

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Client in week 4 of Holistic Nutrition Program

...I am changing how I view my body

- it is not all about size - besides, weight loss is just a bonus to feeling so fantastic & having this much Energy!!

Client Reflections after Holistic Nutrition Program

...Sleep has been one of the biggest changes that I have seen; I went from an insomniac with night terrors to now falling, & staying asleep peacefully!

Naturopathic Doctor, Guelph ON

Naomi is extremely successful in inspiring client compliance which makes my job as their Dr. so much easier....& they see results!!

About Me

As a child I had dreams of being a Medical Doctor; to heal those who were sick.

As a young adult, I desired to become a Teacher; to bring knowledge to eager minds.

Now as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I have merged my two dream jobs and am honoured to help others live healthier lives through teaching them how to intentionally care for their body, mind & spirit.

As an Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother, I understand the stress that we can experience in day to day life and how challenging it can all be to maintain balance. Being able to confidently nurture and nourish myself through my own mental health journey, not to mention wanting to raise a healthy family, has been my motivation to be practicing the philosophies that I teach.

While there are a multitude of diets, fads and trends in the realm of nutrition, I believe that each individual is biochemically unique and what works for one individual does not necessarily benefit another.

While I personally gravitate towards plant based foods for the bulk of my nutrition, I recommend to all of my clients that their meals be made with fresh, good quality, real foods – and not focused on counting calories or tracking macros!

In working together we will have you embrace your uniqueness and practice what works best for YOUR body!

A graduate of the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and registered as an RHN through CSNNAA

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