COVID19 is Crippling Your Health Care Practitioner but You Can Help!

Today I want to talk to two different groups of people, both of whom can make an incredible difference to small business owners in the Health Industry.


-EMPLOYERS who are a) providing work at home employment or

b) paying their staff to #stayhome



-EMPLOYEES, specifically those who currently still have Health Benefits.

To the employers, as we face this pandemic, now more than ever, it is crucial to pour into your Staffs mental & physical health (your own health included)!

To do all that I can to help & serve at this time, I have created Corporate Holistic Health Program Options so that you can provide your staff the opportunity to be nurturing themselves NOW, as it is truly needed. Companies are looking at this as an investment in their staff & the best way to spend the “Professional Development / Team Building” budget right now!

Check the below slide to learn a little bit more about the corporate programs I'm offering and contact me for more info!

Now to the Employees,

As a health care practitioner, historically one of the most frustrating things in my realm of business is hearing potential clients say that they have employee health benefits that cover the cost to work with me, in part or in full, yet for their own personal (& valid) reasons, they decide that they aren't quite ready to embark on this health journey. However, all of these clients say that they are excited to be working with me in “a few months when things settle down.” They leave their health benefit dollars unspent, time goes on, and they have let those benefits lapse & have not made any progress towards their health goals.

Right now, you may have health benefit dollars that could be spent to support not only your health, but also the practice of your health care practitioner.

For many practitioners, if they don't receive the opportunity to work with you today,

they will not be in business to support you when you feel like things have settled down.

It is important for the public to understand that Healthcare practitioners, for the majority, do not qualify for the CERB as they are deemed self-employed yet they continue to have a trickle of income that disqualifies them from this benefit. Meanwhile, rent on their Clinic space, software expenses, practice insurance, and more expenses continue while the trickle of income is not sufficient to cover the expenses.

So I say to you today,

if you have been wanting to work with myself

or any other Healthcare practitioner,

but have been postponing it for a later date,

I encourage you to reach out today.

Today you likely find yourself with more free time than ever and caring for yourself may very well be the task that your mind and body need to empower you to get through this time.

Let’s see how I can help you personally, but also, I can put you in touch with manual practitioners whom while their brick and mortar clinics have been closed, they have ways to support you online.

Let's take care of each other.

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