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MENTAL HEALTH NUTRITION 101: What Foods to Eat...

What Foods to Eat so You can Increase Energy, Decrease Anxiety, & Balance Hormones

I promise you that when it comes to the "I just don't have any idea of what to eat" conversation, you are absolutely overthinking it!⁠

Allow me to break it down for you...⁠

Food, my dear, you need to eat food.⁠

A meal does not need to be a gourmet "dish" with a fancy is just your fav bowl/plate filled with random food items you have on hand.⁠

This illustration is just to give you a deeper understanding of what exactly you should be putting onto your plate...and why!⁠

And you want to make sure that you are eating enough!⁠

Did you know that those who experience fatigue/low energy often are consuming far too little nutrients to sustain them?!? ⁠

A lack of nutrients is a key contributor to hormonal imbalance and of course the body feels as though it is on the brink of a famine...scary!⁠

Stop counting/measuring and start listening to how you are feeling!⁠

And because I know you might be hitting up my inbox, here are some FAQs⁠

Q: Is it ok to just eat a bowl of fruit for a snack?⁠

A: Absolutely eat the fruit + enjoy some protein (ie nuts) to sustain your energy as opposed to a rise & crash of energy making you feel all the more exhausted!⁠

Q: Is it ok to eat frozen/dried foods instead of fresh?⁠

A: 100% Yes! Just have a peek a the label to make sure that there little to none unnecessarily added "preservatives"⁠

Q: I just hate so many vegetables, do I have to eat them?⁠

A: Only eat the food you like, but I also encourage you to try a new food on a regular basis. Perhaps you don't like broccoli for example, because the last time you tried it, it was just steamed & plain. Try baking it & adding seasonings, even just regular sea salt, with some olive oil or butter drizzled on top & then let's see if you like it!!

How about you? Do you wrestle with the "I just don't have any idea of what to eat" conversation?

If you want to take this conversation a step further, let's connect inside a Free Consult + Clarity Call

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