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Nutrients To Decrease Anxiety

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

This is a short & simple list of Nutrients known to decrease Anxiety.

But why is your anxiety happening in the first place?

An incomplete answer to this is...

if increasing these nutrients decreases anxiety symptoms,

then you are deficient in these nutrients.

But why are you deficient in these nutrients?

It could be


Low Nutrient Intake,

Poor Nutrient Absorption

or a combination of these.

If easing anxiety was as simple as popping a few supplements,

No one would be struggling with anxiety.

To turn this list of nutrients into a practical list of foods, here are some foods to decrease anxiety...

Food Sources Of B vitamins

- nuts

- eggs

- fish

- oysters

- chicken

- whole grains

- avocados

- leafy green vegetables

- organ meats ( kidney, liver, heart )

Food Sources Of Magnesium

- leafy greens

- nuts and seeds ( pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, flax seeds )

- legumes ( black beans, edamame, lima beans )

-- whole grains

- dark chocolate ( oh heck yes! )

Food Sources Of Omega 3

- cold water fatty fish ( salmon, mackerel, tuna , herring, sardines )

- nuts and seeds ( flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, hemp hearts )

Don't like water?

Drinking water can feel like a burden sometimes but adding simple fruits like blueberries, lemon or even cucumbers can make the water feel more "fancy" along with being tasty and refreshing.

While nutrition plays a massive role in your mental health,

if you are not asking yourself the deeper questions of “but why?”

you won’t get to the root of your issue and you’ll be tirelessly trying band-aid fixes.

My clients come to understand what they are doing that makes their anxiety worse


how to holistically nurture herself so she sees a dramatic decrease in anxiety & the physical symptoms that anxiety creates.

If you are ready to focus on yourself,

to learn what you need to do,

and actually follow through with it all,

to finally reach your physical and mental health goals

all you need to do now is apply to be my next client!

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