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What to Eat: ADHD Brain Approved Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins ~RECIPE~

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins with text overlay The Mental Health Nutritionist ADHD Banana Muffin Recipe
The Mental Health Nutritionist ADHD Banana Muffin Recipe

gluten free ~ dairy free ~ high protein ~ high fiber ~ high Omega 3 healthy fat

What to Eat ADHD Snack Edition... A common occurrence with ADHD is when a hyperfocus zone leads to forgetting to eat! Once those hunger cues start screaming, it's critical to have delicious and nutrient dense foods on hand that can be quickly enjoyed! Here are a few reasons these Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are ADHD Brain Approved by

The Mental Health Nutritionist…

1 - Chocolate Chips = little capsules of dopamine

2 - Not wasting the bananas that you keep forgetting means you got your life together ;)

3 - You can make them in batches and freeze them in ziplocks so a) you don’t eat them all at once and then never want to eat them again and b) you can have them on hand on those days you want to eat this goodness but don’t want to bake.

But also…

HIGH Protein meals and snacks are ideal for the ADHD Brain, but also for those who experience symptoms of anxiety. The oats, seeds, eggs + milk provide approximately 6g of protein, per muffin, presuming you stretched this recipe to make 18 muffins. This is not enough to be considered a meal on its own but it’s a good start!

HIGH Omega 3 fats, specifically EPA’s are shown to improve cognitive symptoms of ADHD not to mention the benefits to your cardiovascular & overall health - think anti-inflammatory for your body & your brain!

HIGH Fiber, because I know that you sometimes miss meals and you often go for candy, chips, or maybe even just another caffeinated beverage, for that comfort feeling as you now feel groggy and headache-y after skipping lunch. All of these comfort food options are nearly void of fiber - & your digestive system so desperately needs it in order to efficiently digest what you DO eat! Low fiber is why you are gassy, bloaty, & constipated!

By making this GF + DF it is easily digestible which means the nutrients are maximized in absorption!

Plus, these muffins are seriously delicious!

Now be honest, drop a🍌in the comments if you have some “ripening” on your counter right now lol

A recipe card with picture of muffins stacked on a plate with the words The Mental Health Nutritionist ADHD Banana Muffin Recipe Details
The Mental Health Nutritionist ADHD Banana Muffin Recipe Details


FIRST Double check that you have all of the ingredients!

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

  • Lightly grease Muffin tray or set 12 - 24 silicone muffin cups on a baking sheet

  • In blender or food processor add Oats, Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, Salt, Baking Soda & Cinnamon + Blend until flour(ish) consistency, Set Aside

  • In a large Bowl, mash Bananas & Add Eggs, Honey, & Vanilla to Bananas, mix to combine.

  • Add Oat mixture into the Bananas, stir to combine

  • Add more or less of the called for Milk to get a thick yet smooth batter consistency

  • Stir in chocolate chips

  • Pour batter into muffin cups filling just over 3/4 full

  • Place in the oven & set timer for 15-17 minutes

  • Fully cooked if poked with toothpick or butter knife and no batter sticks to it.

  • Letting cool in pan for 10 mins is ideal, yet I pop them out to cool on a wire rack so I can use the pans to bake another batch

(bonus tip, if you have more or less than the bananas in this recipe, use the same number eggs that you have bananas, and a combination of hemp/chia/oat flour to equal 1 cup per banana, & give or take with the remaining ingredients and they will turn out just fine, probably😉)

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